Who is Ana?



I’m a reader and a writer. Books were my obsession as a child and the library my favorite retreat. As an adult the problem is worse because I have my own cash and an Amazon Prime account.

I write mostly urban fantasy, modern stories in a modern world that is only a bit different than our own. I like monsters but don’t care for horror. Assume what you want about my psyche from that bit of knowledge. That means if you’re looking for a book about zombies in which a few tragic humans fight to the bitter end to survive but eventually fail and are consumed, well, my work isn’t for you. But if you’d like to read about a zombie who can’t seem to figure why women don’t like his Tinder profile then step right up, ‘cause have I got stories for you. 

When not writing I try to force myself to have a social life. I’m not overly successful with that. I also knit (my yarn stash is currently large enough to outfit every person in Estonia with a hat), create experiments in the kitchen that are occasionally edible, and I’m learning Italian. Even if my accent is currently about like Brad Pitt’s in Inglorious Bastards.